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The next time you lose power, turn it back on with a home generator system installed and wired by CT Home Generator Systems.

CT Home Generator Systems is an Elite Generac Authorized Dealer

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What You Should Know

Residential generator systems are available in two types: fully automatic and manual electric start portables.

They both primarily do the same thing with the exception that the fully automatic is just that...it's fully automatic. When the power goes out the unit automatically starts and the generator restores the power to your home automatically. The electric start portable works similarly with the exception that when the power goes out someone needs to start the generator and manually turn on the transfer switch. The automatic standby units are available in natural gas or propane. The portables are available in gas only.

Home Generator Systems can prove to be a lifesaver when the power goes out.

Generators are becoming a popular investment with homeowners who don't want to be left in the dark. A generator can efficiently supply power to your entire home or business to run your lights. furnace, refrigerator, electric range, security system, computer, TV, well pump, sump pump or whatever else is important to you. Whether you choose a Standby unit or a Portable unit, a generator can provide you with enough power to sustain a prolonged power outage in the heat of the summer, or in the cold winter months. These units not only offer comfort and security, they also provide peace of mind and completely eliminate the loss of electricity.

Home generators provide complete insurance during power outages.

More and more homeowners are relying on home generators to supply power to their homes during a power outage. Home generators are available in two styles, Standby and Portable. They are both wired into your home using YOUR EXISTING WIRING SYSTEM, ELIMINATING THE NEED TO INSTALL NEW WIRING. Standby generators are completely automatic and will restore your power within seconds of a power failure. These units are located outside the home and resemble a central air conditioning unit. Portable generators are manually operated and are available in electric start or pull start. Portable units can be stored in a garage, shed or in the basement until they are needed.

Home generators are affordable and easy to use. 

Why a Standby Generator?

If you have ever lost your power, you will agree that this is money well spent. The peace of mind alone, in knowing that you can restore your power and secure your home, is well worth the investment!

The next time you lose power, turn it back on. Here are some essential tips when having your generator installed.

  • Never try to install and wire your own generator unless you are qualified
  • Use a trained licensed electrician registered by the State of CT
  • Insist that your electrician take out an electrical permit to install and wire your generator (Portable or Standby) and have it inspected by your local electrical inspector.
  • Ask for and check customer references
  • Ask about a service contract for servicing your generator after it is installed
  • Make sure that your electrician is and will be available to you after the installation if you need assistance or have questions regarding the operation of you generator.



 A Quick Comparison Chart


Fully Automatic Standby

Manual Electric Start Portables

What to do when the power goes out...

Automatically starts and immediately restores the power to your home. Someone needs to start the generator and manually turn on the transfer switch.
Gas vs. Propane Available in natural gas or propane. Gasoline only.
Installation time Typical turn-key installation requires 2 men, approximately 1 day. Typical turn-key installation requires 2 men, approximately half a day.

CT Home Generator Systems proudly installs and wires the following generators:

Residential Generator Brands - Guardian, Caterpillar, Onan, Generac, Honda, Kohler, Coleman

If you choose to buy your generator from a home center, CT Home Generator Systems will be more than happy to provide you with a price to install and wire your system including the natural gas or propane piping required to run your generator. 

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