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Why Choose CTHome Generator Systems?

With the warm weather comes the potential for power outages.

No one ever wants to relive what happened during last October’s snowstorm…so as a result, many CT residents invested in generators.  However, will your generator be ready if the lights go out?

CT Home Generator Systems is a new company formed as a result of the demand for generators in our state and Owner Ed Ingalls is here to discuss some important safety, maintenance and installation tips. 

CT Home Generator Systems is an Elite Generac Authorized DealerNewington Electric has been one of the largest sales and services dealers of Generac generators in CT for more than 20 years.

We’re listed on the Generac website as an elite Generac dealer in the state of CT

We offer two types of generators

  • Automatic Permanent Standby Generator is a large unit that sits on the outside of the house, similar to a central air conditioner.  As soon as the house loses power, this generator detects the outage and automatically kicks on…thus, it’s a great option for anyone who travels a lot or takes long vacations. Runs on natural gas and propane.
  • Portable Generator This smaller unit typically sits in the garage on wheels and needs to be started manually by simply turning on the transfer switch in your home.  Runs on gasoline.  Portable generators are what most CT residents buy due to the efficiency and price. 

Do you have any advice for homeowners that have had generators installed in the wake of the last 2 major power outages?

  • Read and get familiar with your generator owner’s manual and (Preventive maintenance procedures)
  • Change oil and filters after the first 8 hours of running time then again after 48 hrs. of run time.
  • Make sure your generator is performing its scheduled automatic weekly exercise test cycle and all indicator lights are functioning properly.
  • Get in touch with reliable Generac authorized sales and service generator Company and keep their phone number handy in case of emergency.  (Make sure they have 24 hr. service)

What should homeowners be doing or looking for if you own a generator?

  • Check all fluid levels after and during any prolong usage
  • Visually inspect all fuel lines and connections for leak, kinks, and lose connection
  • Top off liquid propane fuel tank after any prolong usage
  • Make sure your generator is clear of debris such as leaves grass bushes never put anything on top of your generator
  • Get in touch with reliable Generac authorized sales and service generator Company and keep their phone number handy in case of emergency.  (Make sure they have 24 hr. service)
  • Don’t wait until a power outage to find out your generator doesn’t work 
  • Annual Check up by an authorized sales and service dealer.

What about warranty guide lines, is there anything special that needs to be done?

  • Yes!  Anyone who has had a Generac generator installed should check with their installer to make sure that there generator warrantee registration has been filed out PROPERLY and sent in
  • Make sure your generator is registered in the homeowners name  and on file with the manufacture
  • Get proof of registration and warrantee from your installer.  This is vitally important for warrantee issues. 
  • If you’re not sure if your Generac generator was registered get in touch with an authorized dealer immediately and have him/here register it for you       
  • It’s important to follow their warranty guidelines, otherwise warranty may be voided

What services does CT Home Generator Systems provide?

  • Authorized sales, service and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs (including on-site)
  • Full repair facility if needed
  • Tune-ups
  • Annual check ups/Engine repair and replacement